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We love coffee and think it deserves to be taken seriously but with a decent dose of humor.
We are a mobile coffee business taking great coffee to the people.

Our ingredients are some of the best around - we put a hint of green in everything we do.
From using organic ingredients to composting or recycling our waste.

Over the years we've built up a very loyal following and we'd love you to be part of our fan club.

Come by we're open somewhere in Wellington today.

100% Organic

We use Zany Zeus organic milk. By leaving in more milk solids Mike produces a beautiful creamy milk which creates a rich mouth feel. If you've tried their milk you'll understand.

Our coffee, sugar and chocolate powder are all organic and fair trade.

Our cups are all compostable and if you give them back to us we'll compost them.
They take as little as 6 weeks to break down if we're onto it.

All the compostables go into the Espresso Rescue garden to add carbon...boom.

We Support Fair Trade

We use Trade Aid organic coffee, sugar, chocolate powder and chocolate.

It just seems a fairer more ethical way to go and doesn't cost the earth. These products are organic too.

Trade Aid helps producers improve their lives and buying these products changes the world for good - and it tastes great.

Locally Roasted

We've been with Ripe coffee since we started and we're loving it.

Clinton, Ripe's roaster, was a builder and a chef and brings his technical skill, OCD and amazing palate to create beautiful beans.

We try to honor all the people who did the growing, washing, drying sorting, packing and careful transporting of the second most highly traded product in the world!

If it's wrong more than likely it was us. Chris Dillon of Supreme once said it's 80% the barista. Come back and tell us we love feedback